Destination Wedding photographer
Based in Greece

                   The most darling elopement in the city of Rome.

Rome. Caput Mundi. The Capitol of the World. The Eternal City. This is where this
amazing couple chose to eternally “freeze” their elopement moments.

I have to say that I was super excited about this destination session for I believe Rome
is one of the most inspiring cities in the world.
The whole trip was so joyful and relaxing that I couldn’t wait for our arrival. I was
longing for discovering the hidden gems of the city. I really wanted to give this couple
the most amazing wedding photos they could have.
As soon as we arrived, we realized that our exploration walks had to start in the very
daybreak when the city is still sleeping. In Rome, starting out with the dawn, you have
just an hour or so before the light becomes harsh and the city wakes up, flooding the

In Rome, the beauty of art, the charm of an immortal history, the friendliness of
people, the genuine flavours of food and wine are some of the few things one can get
inspiration from when it comes to wedding photography. And as they say “When in
Rome, do as the Romans do”, so we had to mingle with every local aspect in order to
get the real sense of the city’s vibe, which I think we did 100%.
For one more I cannot say how lucky I am to be able to travel around the world and to
get to enjoy the company of amazing people.
I cannot thank you enough guys for giving me the opportunity to experience the
“Dolce Vita” with you!!

Videographer : Feelyourfilms

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