Abundant in Foliage Milies, Pelion

PROLOGUE: So let us begin with the love story… Those two met a couple of years ago in Patras, where they pretended to be studying while they were writing their romantic liaison thesis! And back in 2016 we were shooting their prewedding in Patras….where all started!

I’ve been to some amazing places because of wedding photography. But the region around Pelion is going to some take beating. Travelling to Volos for a destination wedding is exciting enough, so when Aphrodite told me that the reception was taking place in such a great place, I doubt I was able to hide my “nasty” cat grin.

I don’t know where to start with this one. It was so full of energy that I smile every time I think of their wedding. Maybe there’s something in the air in the pristine forests of Pelion. Or maybe it’s just because Nick’s & Aphrodite’s energy and joy for life are so infectious that their wedding was such a blast.. In a day of sunshiny weather and even more revealing light we were excited to lock up the polychrome ,verdant moments in the charming and traditional village of Milies just to find The Old Station; The train station from where the famous Pelion steam train departs for a magical journey around the mountains and villages. Such was our photographic trip with this couple. An ideal base from which we explored and visited some of the most blissful and leafy jiffies of their life.

N & A and their families are such generous, warm people that I truly feel honoured to have been a part of their wedding and the fact that it took place in such a stunning location is just a + !!

Sit tight! this is an epic blog post. But so was the wedding.

Second shot by the inspiring Fanis Failadis ‘I’m still hungry’ Man




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