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As you set out on your journey to Ithaca,

pray that your journey be a long one,

filled with adventure, filled with discovery.

Konstantinos Kavafis

In this one we were longing for adventure from the very beginning…and so it was…. The couple has chosen Ithaca Island for its stunning setting as well as the unique bond they have with it.

Truth is you’d never chose this place for your wedding photography unless you were a “migratory sea bird” or a traditional “saltwater”. (You can arrive by boat like the guys did. For the next day shooting). It’s a place of natural beauty that is not easily accessible and has remained unspoiled making it one of the most unique locations for a wedding that I’ve come across.. Sweeping views over the Ionian Sea, beautifully landscaped rocks and loads of character-full backdrops. I was really excited to offer wedding photography and to have a chance to photograph such a laid back though moody day, in such a wonderful location.

We headed out there the day after their island wedding to catch the last of the day’s sunshine and to shake off their post-wedding sore heads(the party woke the dead!!!) only to find that the weather was not on our side…(but who cares as long as you have the sunshine of love???) Well, we were really, really hoping the light would hang around for the next day. Instead we discovered the archipelago’s dimness!! I know it’s not what most couples have in mind when they think about their summer wedding but there’s something so atmospheric about this isle’s mist that the setting looked unbearably romantic and beautiful.!!

Thank you guys for this summertime “sadness” it was one of my happiest clicks!!!

I can still smell the drizzling sea mist of the Ionian Sea….

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